Big Bend Valley Volunteer Fire Department MapThe Big Bend Valley Volunteer Fire Department (BBVVFD) is located off Texas Highway 118 about 60 miles south of Alpine and 20 miles north of Terlingua/Study Butte, just south of the Cowboy Mining Company, north of Terlingua Ranch Lodge, east of American Legion Post 653 and west of WLWeb.US at 321 Legion Road.

The Big Bend Valley is a remote and rugged part of West Texas where we have limited access to power and water. For firefighting we must rely on stationary and mobile water storage tanks rather than fire hydrants. With very generous help from Brewster County and our own efforts, we manage to maintain several thousand gallons of water. One of our goals is to acquire more water tanks and strategically deploy them to reduce our response time.

The BBV community is spread out over a wide are of rough terrain in which many residences are difficult to access or even locate. Many of our roads have no signs, so although Terlingua Fire & EMS performs a great service for south Brewster County, the volunteers of BBVVFD offer the advantages of both proximity and familiarity.

Our community is growing with many residents that are senior citizens. Emergency medical services (EMS) response time is especially critical for the elderly, so the BBVVFD has volunteers trained not only in wildland firefighting but also in first aid, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) techniques and the use of automated external defibrillator (AED) devices.

The BBVVFD is staffed solely by local volunteers, funded solely by your contributions, and ready to serve you: Volunteers are needed. Donations are appreciated. Call us when you need us!